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March madness has me craving all the wrong things. So I created these beauties today - a new mashed potato hack!!⁣

1 Serving:


1 sour cream and chive mashed potato fuel⁣

1 aged cheddar bacon laughing cow cheese wedge (1 healthy fat)⁣

1/8 cup reduced fat cheddar cheese (1/8 lean)

1 tbsp chopped scallions (1/8 green)⁣

1/2 bag of ranch quest chips (1/4 leaner)⁣

1 tbsp lite ranch dressing (optional) (1/2 healthy fat)⁣


1. Cook sour cream and chive mashed potato fuel in microwave as instructed. ⁣Mix in cheddar cheese.

2. Let them cool, cover, and put in the freezer for 30 minutes (or until cold enough to handle well without being too sticky)⁣

3. Cut laughing cow cheese cube into 4 equal sized pieces. ⁣

4. Crush quest chips into bread crumb like texture.⁣

5. Remove potatoes from freezer and mold into 4 balls with laughing cow cheese pressed in the middle.⁣

6. Roll potato balls in quest chip bread crumbs.⁣

7. Cook in air fryer on 390 for 7-8 minutes.⁣

8. Top with ranch and scallions and enjoy!

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1 Comment

Penny Rothkopf
Penny Rothkopf
Mar 30, 2021

What would we count this as on 5&&1? I counted 3/8 lean, 1-1/2 healthy fat, and 1 fueling? Is that right?

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