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Spicy Sushi Shrimp Stacks

I am pregnant and have been seriously craving some sushi! This spicy shrimp stack is a delicious guilt free, pregnancy approved option. And they’re pretty fun to eat!


7 oz steamed shrimp (1 leanest)

1 cup diced cucumber (2 greens)

1/4 cup scallion (1/2 green)

1 tbsp low sodium soy sauce (1 condiment)

2 tsp sriracha (2 condiments)

1 1/2 oz mashed avocado (1 healthy fat)

1 1/2 tsp light mayo (1 healthy fat)

Makes 2 shrimp stacks. 2 stacks are 1 serving. This recipe is 1/2 a green shy of a full lean and green. Have an extra 1/4 cup of cucumber on the side for a complete lean and green.


  1. Steam shrimp with shells on. Once pink and cooked though, cool, peel, and clean. Then cut shrimp into thirds or bite sized pieces.

  2. Prepare your ingredients. Dice 1 cup of peeled cucumber, chop your scallion, and mash your avocado.

  3. Make the spicy mayo. Whisk together the mayo and sriracha until creamy and combined.

  4. Take a 1 cup sized measuring cup (or something about that size). Layer the following ingredients. First add half the shrimp to the bottom of the cup. Then half of the avocado. Next you will add half of the scallions. Finally fill the cup with half of the cucumber.

  5. Gently turn the measuring cup upside down to turn the stack out onto a plate or cutting board. Lightly tap the bottom of the cup to get the stack out if necessary.

  6. Drizzle the stack with half of your soy sauce and half of your soy sriracha mayo.

  7. Repeat process with remaining ingredients for second stack.

  8. Enjoy!! 🌱

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